BC OneCard

A library card from your home public library in B.C. opens the door to public libraries wherever you travel – or stay – in British Columbia. Services for B.C. One Card members differ at each individual library.

Q. Who is entitled to the B.C. One Card service?

A. Any B.C. resident who can show a valid B.C. public library card.

Q. How do I register for B.C. One Card?

A. At each participating library in B.C., you will need to provide your home library card and current government-issued identification (I.D.) to become a B.C. One Card member at that library. Don’t leave home without your library card!

Q. What does the B.C. One Card service include?

A. It allows you to check out materials and use services determined by each individual public library. Check with each library for a list of what it provides. B.C. One Card members must also abide by the usage policies set by each library.

Q. When do I have to return the materials?

A. The library you borrow the materials from will let you know when they are due back.

Q. Where do I pay fines and fees?

A. Fines on materials are payable to the library you borrowed them from. Libraries are unable to take payment for charges from other libraries.

BC OneCard Policies at the Gibsons Library:

At the Gibsons & District Public Library, BC OneCard users now have the same privileges as Gibsons Library members (except you will access your home library databases and OverDrive via your home library card number).   They may borrow up to 40 items at one time including books, magazines, audiovisual items, audio/music tapes and CDs.  Public Internet use is included.

If you want more than the library offers BC OneCard customers, you may obtain full service by paying a non resident fee (at Gibsons, it’s 6 months for $50 ($45 for students), $30 of which is a refundable deposit).