Borrow from Another Library

There may be times when you want to borrow from another BC Library:

  1. You happen to be visiting another BC Library.
  2. You couldn’t find what you were looking for in your home library.

Visiting Other BC Libraries

If you’re on the road and find yourself in another BC public library, you can easily borrow items. The best part is that you can return these items to any other BC public library, so if you’re traveling through BC, it’s easy to drop items off as you go. We call this program BC OneCard. For more information on how to do this, check our BC OneCard page (please note that borrowing policies may vary slightly between various libraries).

Requesting Books to be Delivered to Your Home Library

ILC – BC Interlibrary Connect:

Connect-highlight-358x300If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Gibsons or Sechelt Libraries, you can now search other other libraries in BC through BC Interlibrary Connect (ILC) before submitting an interlibrary loan (ILL) request through  Illume.

First search Gibsons and Sechelt in our online catalogue for the item you’re looking for. If your item doesn’t come up on your search results screen, you can now select “BC Interlibrary Connect” from the top of drop-down list in the Library field.  The system will now search all ILC libraries for your item.

Once you find the item you want, simply place a hold, and the book, movie or music will be sent to your home library for pick-up. It’s that easy!


ILL – Interlibrary Loan through Illume

If you weren’t able to find the item you wanted in our catalogue through Gibsons, Sechelt or BC Interlibrary Connect (ILC), try finding it elsewhere in BC using Illume, a catalogue for all BC libraries. If you find it at another library, request it to be delivered to your home library for pick up!

Here’s how to request a book through interlibrary loan (ILL):

  1. Click this Illume link.
  2. When the Illume page appears, type your search terms (e.g., Author, Title, and/or Subject words) in the “Enter your search terms here” box at top left (you can ignore the “Login” prompt at top right, it’s for library staff access).
  3. Based on your search terms, select the appropriate index (Author, Title or All Headings) from the dropdown box to the right of the magnifying glass icon
  4. Leave the “Search Targets” box as is and click the magnifying glass icon to carry out your search.
  5. Select one title from your search results (which are now presented as a carousel of cover images. These correspond to the  list of titles below the carousel)
  6. The Format column indicates the type of material.  Currently only printed material is available for interlibrary loan, so please do not select DVD, audio, or ebook titles.  Select the title in book format that shows the most locations (i.e., the most copies available).
  7. Click “Request This Item”.
  8. When the ILL Request form opens, ignore the “Need by” date and just fill in all other fields marked in red.
  9. The final required field is “Create a Password”. We suggest you use your patron PIN.  Unfortunately this password cannot be used later to check the ongoing status of your request. ( This is a software bug that is being attended to at the provincial cooperative level.)
  10. Click the “Submit” button and carry on to another search if you wish.  The maximum of five active interlibrary loans per patron remains in effect.  Do not request books newer than 12 months old; instead suggest a purchase from the Gibsons Library.

Requests commonly take a week to ten days to fill.  We will contact you when your book is received at the Library.