4.3 Checked out and on-hold e-resources in My Account

You may view e-resources currently checked out to or on hold for you after you log into your account. The summary is displayed at top right of your screen. Click the E-items Checked Out tab to view the titles you have checked out and download a copy from there. Click the E-items on Hold tab to cancel an unwanted hold, check out a ready-for-pickup hold or suspend a pending hold. Just click the respective buttons and follow the on screen prompts. When suspending a hold, you have the option to suspend it for a limited period or indefinitely until you activate it again. If you wish to update the email address for hold notifications, you need to do it on OverDrive's website. Click Link to OverDrive Account to change preferences to access those settings.
Tip OverDrive allows users to keep some preference settings, such as preferred loan period. These preferences can be set up or updated on OverDrive's website only.

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