The Song of Inanna: Exploring the Sacred Feminine

Updated June 21, 2018

July 14, 2018 @ 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Liliana Kleiner
Join us at the library as Liliana Kleiner explores the archetype of the sacred feminine through the images and text of her most recent book, THE SONG OF INANNA. Based on the ancient myth of Inanna, the book tells this story with a feminist psychological (Jungian) interpretation.

Liliana Kleiner photoLILIANA KLEINER is an international artist born in Argentina, raised in Israel, and now living in Canada. She has a BA in Fine Arts (Israel) and a Ph.D in clinical psychology specializing in Jungian dream work (Canada).

Liliana has published artist’s books, including The Song of Inanna (2017), The Song of Songs (2010) and The Song of Lilith (2008). She has also produced art films Teresa Inanna (2016) Jerusalem Portrait (2011), Tango d’Amour (2006) and Lilith and the Tree (1993. Her original oil paintings, woodcuts and organic handmade papers are in public and private collections in America, Europe and Israel.

She practices as a Jungian therapist, giving dream interpretation workshops in BC, Jerusalem and Mexico.