About the Library2Go eBook and audioBook Service

What’s this service called?

It’s called Library2Go and is a provincially-run service.  Some libraries have additional eBooks and audioBooks for loan – check with your local library for more information.  Sometimes, the service is referred to as OverDrive because that’s the name of the company that runs it.  Please note: OverDrive is hosted on a Third Party site with its own set of privacy policies.

How many eBooks or audioBooks can I sign out?

You can borrow 5 items at a time and check them out for 7, 14 or 21 days at a time.  By default, books will be checked out for 21 days and audiobooks for 14. See this page on Overdrive help for more information.

How do I return an item?

Items are automatically returned.  They’ll still appear on your device, but will no longer be available.  You can either delete the title then or borrow it again.  You will never receive any fines because items are returned automatically, even when your device doesn’t have an internet connection.  It is possible to return an item early to allow other patrons access to the title or to allow you to check out another book (if you have reached the maximum of 5).  How you do this varies from device to device, try searching help.overdrive.com for information.

Can I renew items?

Yes, but only within three days of the due date.  Log on to Library2Go and then go to the Account page by clicking the person icon near the search bar.  Here you will see books you’ve checked out.  A renew button will appear next to any book due within three days.  See this page on Overdrive help for more information.

Can I place a hold?

Yes, you can place holds on up to 5 items at a time.  You will receive an email when your hold is available.  If you have auto checkout turned on, the book will be automatically checked out on your account.  Otherwise, you will have 3 days to checkout the title.  To cancel a hold, sign into your account, click on ‘Account’, click the ‘Holds’ button in the right sidebar and click ‘Options’ -> ‘Remove Hold’.

Will my device work with Library2Go?

Most likely yes, but check this list of compatible devices.

Where can I get more help?

Contact your library for help or browse through these OverDrive Help pages.

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