Privacy Policy

All library users have a right to privacy and confidentiality regarding the collection of personal information and the use they make of the Gibsons & District Public Library facilities, collections and web sites.

The release of such information would contravene the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Personal information related to registration, such as name address, phone number, etc., and circulation records, including information that identifies materials checked out by a patron, will not be divulged voluntarily except to the patron.

This policy is interpreted to include, but not restricted to, maintenance of privacy of the following information and transactions:

  1. all records identifying the names or ID numbers of library users
  2. all records identifying material the library user currently has out
  3. all records identifying library user overdue material can be used only for the retrieval of that material
  4. all reference questions
  5. all inter-library loan transactions
  6. all holds placed, trapped, or held
  7. all online searches and their results
  8. all items photocopied
  9. all items faxed to a particular library user
  10. all suggested purchases of library material submitted by library users
  11. all information pertaining to the identity of anyone conducting research on a particular subject
  12. any information pertaining to the borrowers of reference material

The Library will keep no record of questions answered that are linked to a specific patron’s name. Work notes used in answering the question will be divulged only to other library employees involved in working on the same question.

When a library user visits the Library’s web site, information collected is used only to measure the number of visitors to different areas of the site. The address (IP) of the computer or internet provider and the date and time that the site was accessed are collected.

Personal information about a child will be released only with the written approval from the
parent or legal guardian.

All information related to a library user may only be used by library employees working within the scope of their duties.

In accordance with provincial legislation, the Library is free to release relevant information to Interlink libraries or companies acting on the library’s behalf for the collection of library property, unpaid fees, fines or other charges.

Library user addresses and phone numbers stored in the Gibsons Public Library database may not be given or sold to other organizations and may only be used for Library-only mailings when appropriate.

The foregoing is subject to the following:

  • any lawful orders of the court;
  • established procedures for recovering Library property;
  • the rights of parents and legal guardians respecting minors.

At no time may any library employee identify the name of a library patron with specific material, even to the police. Should a lawful order or subpoena requesting the information be presented, the Chief Executive Officer shall immediately consult the Library’s legal counsel and the Chairman of the board. They shall determine what action to take.

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