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EBSCOhost_button_150x75 EBSCOHost – Search more than 10,000 popular and academic magazines, reference books, plus images, covering all subject areas, from current events and history to the arts and sciences. Many Canadian titles are included. Narrow results by date, subject, publication, etc. Video Tutorial [2:25 minutes]
  Explora CanadaInformation for students of all ages on a wide variety of topics, from history and current events to science and technology. Search a variety of sources such as magazines, encyclopedias, primary source documents and more.
pressreader PressReader offers you unlimited digital access to thousands of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines. Choose from full-version, current-day content in 60+ languages from more than 100 countries.
coast news Coast News Newspaper Digitization Project – Free digital access to 37 years of the Coast News and Sunshine Coast News, 1945-1989, courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Museum.
  RBDigital – Online magazines that you can download for free and read on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
British Columbia Statistics – Statistics on population, business, the economy, labour and society. Access the full 2006 Census profiles or any item with a “key” icon beside it here. (Note: Remote access is permitted if your library can provide authentication)
GreenFile – Provides information related to all aspects of human impact on the environment, from global warming to recycling to alternate fuel sources and more. Identifies or provides full-text access to scholarly, government and general-interest periodicals and reports.