Requesting Items from Other Libraries

If you find an item that’s not available from your local library, request an InterLibrary Loan. Please do not request a loan on an item that was published in the last 12 months. New items will not be InterLibrary loaned. Instead suggest a purchase at the Gibsons Library.

  1. If you find more than one record for the title you want, choose the one with the most Locations. This number is in brackets in the Format column.
  2. Click on the title to select the record you want. The full entry for the record will be displayed.
  3. To request that the item be delivered to your local library, click on the “Request This Item” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  4. A new window with an ILL (InterLibrary Loan) request form will open up. Enter the following information:
  • Need by: Do not alter the default value here.
  • Patron Last Name: Enter your Last Name
  • First Name: Enter your First Name
  • : Enter the LAST six digits of your library card
  • Patron’s Phone: Enter your phone number with area code. You need to provide this so the library can contact you when the item arrives.
  • Create a Password: Four (4) digits or letters are sufficient.  Remember this for tracking your request later.
  • Remember My Patron Information on This Computer: Check this box (if on a home computer) to save having to enter your identification next time.

When you’re finished, click on the Submit button.  Outlook Online will process your request and your library will call you when the item is ready to pick up.
If you choose to abandon the request close this window by clicking on the Cancel button in the top right hand corner.

For more information, see: